Volleyball, etc.


I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve played and coached volleyball since I was a freshman in high school–nearly half my life now. You don’t care, but my high school stats can be found here. I hold the record in the Monterey Bay Area for most blocks in a single match (9 vs. Gilroy HS on 26 Mar, 2004).

At BYU I spent four years doing research with the men’s and women’s volleyball teams. I also coached three seasons (one high school, two club) while at BYU.

During my last year of my master’s degree I decided to start my own volleyball club with Giovani Corona, who has coached in the south Salt Lake City area for the last five years. We created SHIELD Volleyball Club and had a very successful inaugural season. The 2013-2014 season brings us more opportunity to coach and increase the visibility of our brand.

In March 2014 Hunter High School appointed me the head coach of its volleyball program. I’ve spent the last few months getting my feet under me, and beginning to learn the ropes of the high school volleyball world. Hopefully I have it under control by the time August 2014 rolls around.