Always a fun topic, Goals focuses on several things.  Or at least brings greater clarity to me of what my goals should be.

Somethings you can jump right into.  Other things you have to learn a little bit about and then you can jump in.  Others have a completely foreign culture (maybe) and take some getting used to.

I went to Jackson Hole, WY last year with some friends.  One of the people I went with talked about doing a bike race from Logan, UT to Jackson (332 km).  Initially, I thought he was nuts (I still kinda do), but I spent a lot of time after that trip riding my bike and running some shorter races.

And I realized I am addicted to adrenaline and to competition.  I like the feeling of passing people and knowing I can pass more people.  Or maybe I just like everyone looking at my butt.

Anyway, I want to do Lotoja (LOgan TO JAckson).  One problem.  My physiology.  I’m a sprinter.  This is made very obvious to me by my ability to be good in short bursts and breath heavily for a while and then do it again.  And I have a 30+-inch vertical–meaning my musculature is at least 50% and likely 70+% fast-twitch X muscles.

I ran two 5k and one 3k race last year.  I felt 5k was a little farther than I’d like to go and 3k is almost perfect (of course, I’d really prefer <400m, but those really don’t exist).  In any case, I placed very well in the races I ran.

Then I tried a super-short triathlon hosted by my university’s tri club.  I did it without any training during the two months prior to it and placed very well in my division (the one without the really good triathletes).

So anyway, I’ve been looking for local 5k to run this year–I want to run at least one a month (or 12 on the year, because January is gone and I didn’t run one and I doubt I’m gonna run one in February).  Also I’ve been looking at sprint-distance triathlons (200-800m swims, 10-15 mile bikes, 5k run) and there are a fair number nearby.  But then Lotoja is in the back of my head.

For both the triathlons and Lotoja, I have to have a new bike.  Period.  The 5k obviously don’t require a bike.  I’ll probably get a new bike in June, but if I want to do Lotoja I have to be riding 100+ miles/week prior to June and I don’t know if my current bike can handle that.

I think the solution to my dilemma presented itself.  Swim and run now.  Keep biking to school.  Compete in 5k events until I get a new bike, then do triathlons.  Biking 10 miles is easy-peasy.  Simple to do at top speed, especially on a new bike.  Running and swimming are my crappy events anyway.  Focus on Lotoja next year.  Because I’ll need more than 7 months (Feb to Sep to alter my physiology enough to last for 10-12 hours in the saddle).  And my musculature may not be the only thing that needs altering. :-/  I love thinking aloud.