Season of thanks: Music

I went to a jazz concert tonight.  I hate jazz.  (I had great company so it was definitely worth it.)  But I went with an open mind.  I have to respect the talent of the musicians.  But the music felt subpar.  I’m used to crisp harmonies that lock without wavering.  But jazz seems to care little about that.  The tendency was to display as much musicality in the moment as possible without as much thought to whether the others will be able to follow or support.  In the end it sounds kinda sloppy to me.

Not that I really have that good of an ear.  But that’s what it sounded like to me.  But after sitting through an entire vocal jazz concert, I can respect the influence the genre has on other forms of music that I like more.

I’ve blogged about music before.  Some things should be reiterated.  Music can open us to or close us off from spiritual influences.  If we want inspiration, we have to choose good music.  The most important thing for me is to listen to music I enjoy and can sing along too (mostly in my car, but sometimes not 🙂 ).  Music can be a source of strength to those who need it.  It can support us in our trials or teach us lessons we would not learn other wise.

Let the Christmas music season begin.