I’m times of darkness, I pray more earnestly

For better or worse, I’ve prayed more earnestly during the last several months. Overall it’s for the better, but I’ve been more earnest because life has been harder. So I’m not sure my motives are the purest.

I’ve needed more help, so I’ve asked for it. And that’s not a bad thing.

I need help in my life. I always will. I hope I can set habits to be consistently more forthright and meaningful when I pray, so I am as focused during easy times as I am during difficult ones.

For now, I’ll be ok with being more earnest overall. Good things have come from it. I’ve made a few new friends, I’ve received help when I’ve needed it, and I’ve been constantly aware of a loving Father who constantly watches out for me, even if I’m not always able to see how.

How will come. Explanations will present themselves. In the meantime, knowing He is there needs to be enough.