Momentum changes and initiating such

A few weeks ago, I had the following thought stick strongly in my mind:

The way forward begins with me taking one step.

It struck me so strongly that in the middle of sacrament meeting, I loaded up the Cloudpebble IDE online and wrote a app for my watch that displays the quote.

The way forward begins with me taking one step. Inertia is a real thing. It’s obviously a principle of physics. It is also true regarding non-physical things. Making decisions, accepting circumstances, learning from emotions, and so much more begins with making a single decision and beginning to act.

I found this true when I became convinced of my need for help last October. I didn’t want to call and make an appointment with the therapist–I didn’t need help that badly–but I made the call and set the appointment. And that started my momentum down the path to being more healthy.

This was true when I started going on dates again. Asking was never something I was good at. But I was worse at it–and didn’t want to fix it–until late 2014. But taking a step forward and starting to ask, even if I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, put me on the path toward dating again.

There are many applications for this: you can think of far more than I can name. but the principle is true. If you take a step, the second step will be easier.

My current struggle is with home teaching. I believe the program is inspired. I’ve benefitted so much from home teachers. They’ve rarely come, but I’ve always know who mine were and always tried to ask them for blessings before anyone else.

However, I haven’t done well as a home teacher. I’ve known who I home teach for several months, but I haven’t reached out to them yet. I have reasons, but they don’t much matter.

All the matters is the way forward begins with me taking one step. And today is the day I can take that step.