Hinkle Family

Welcome, Hinkle family members and friends.

I have mentioned to a few of you that I have access to all the tapes Pops made when my parents asked him to record his life history. My mom is working on finishing the transcription and editing process to make a concise, non-repetive life story. I don’t know when that will be available.

For those of you who don’t mind overlap and want to hear Pops tell the stories himself, the audio files are available on this page.

This contains all the files Pops dictated from 2007-2009. Enjoy.

Ivan’s genealogy/Ivan is born

Childhood memories / Bikes, arrows, and rocks

444 D Avenue pigeons / Clarence pours concrete

Ivan goes to school

Ivan gets drafts

From Okinawa to Cebu to Japan

Japanese public baths


Raising chickens

Fishing as a youth

77th to the First Cavalry

Jane’s wages / Easy money / Clarence dies

Fishing at Lake Henshaw

Deer hunting at Hume Lake

Mom and Pops meet with a little help from Jane

More dates with Mom

Other girls

Mimi’s cottage

Weekend at Muscle Beach

Marriage proposal and honeymoon

First remodel as married couple

Peeping tom / The chase

M. H. Golden / Mom’s Hepatitis / 939 E Avenue

Painting the kitchen at 939 E Avenue

939 E Avenue Remodel

Douglas and Lee are born

Garage behind 939 E Avenue

939 E Avenue cont’d

The Music Man / 93 E Avenue

The Sand Box

Ivan Jr. is born / 942 D Avenue is purchased / Remodel begins

Patio at 942 D Avenue

Patio at 942 D Avenue cont’d

Master bedroom remodel at 942 D Avenue

Three is enough..then came Blaine

Back Surgery / Mom goes back to work

Mom, Dad, Doug, and Lee go fishing on Lake Henshaw

Doug and Lee run away form home

The Lizard

Surf fishing

Mortgage, finance…Advice from Pops

Back injury additional info

465 B Avenue bough, remodeled, and moved into

Master bath at 465 D Avenue

938 D Avenue

Leo’s house, the alley at 7th and D

Garage behind 477 B Avenue becomes an apartment

Pool room at 465 B Avenue

Comping trip to Yellowstone National Park

Kilometer 181 / Punta Carba

The bachelor and Miss Whitaker working for Art Olds

Douglas and Lee mix it up

Accident at 5th and B / Stewart Stalls’ mother

Air conditioning in the International Chiquita Banana

Douglas: CCH, mission in Australia, and Golashes

The boys and their respective sports

Shotguns / Imperial Valley dove hunts

Pops throws his own surprise birthday party

Heating 465 B Avenue

Pops gets Cayenne (German Short Hair)

Cayenne and Mom

Popcorn and Koolaid and Sunday nights

Loading for a hunting trip / Anvil in the steamer trunk

Anvil is returned to Tom Stoghill

Brown and serve rolls for the hunt

Javelina hunting in Arizona

Cutting and splitting Eucalyptus

Nancy gets a hair cut with the boys

Hunting in Mexico

Barney Davis hunting

Moving day from 465 B to 477 B

Moving 477 B to the back lot / Becoming 1309 5th

FYI Mortgage on 465 B Avenue

Trip to Florida for the Shuttle launch


Battleship Missouri and its 16 inch guns / Thoughts of the ships off Okinawa

To Alaska after mom died / “Cruising alone was no fun”

Helping Mom during her illness

The history of the Partnership

Partnership cont’d

The Javelina

The antelope

Mountain lion and bobcat

The bear and the mountain goat

The elk and the mule deer

The teal

White tail deer and quail with Earl Halfmanan (army buddy)

Pine desks and dressers and the stereo cabinet

Pictures basic training and the old high school

Letter to a girlfriend

32nd Orange Festival and Mary Bryant

Pops joins the Mormons

The Relief Society caring for Mom / Being made whole again

Something tickled Pops’s fancy

A few words of counsel

The Depression

Asthma Medication

Helping Mimi with the laundry

Loading the ships in preparation for the invasion of Japan / Lunch with the sailors

Japanese surrendering at Cebu

Shark fishing in the bay

The real story about how I lost my fingers

Our first cat / Swimming lessons

Pigeon pie at 942 D Avenue

“You likey flish, you come Fliday”

Luggage and $50

Masking tape and .22 shells for Christmas

Deer hunt in Panguitch, Utah

Sign off for now

My football career

Hunting in Panguitch, part II

Hunting in Colorado

Smoked venison

Mountain lion

I’m in construction and real estate

Back to bed

Peeping tom, part II

Phantom itch in my fingers that weren’t there

Cormorant hunting / Shooting in the bay / San Diego Pollution Committee

Nancy gets a haircut again

Doctoring the sunburn from Muscle Beach

Cruising the bay with the senior citizens