About me

Hi, I’m Lee J (pronounced “lee-jay”). I am passionate about technology and keeping up most of my skills, competitive sports, teaching, investing, and making a difference in the world.

I’ve done most things, and am extremely happy with my life (check my blog for times I wasn’t). I currently work as a SAM consultant for Microsoft tools, and do a few things on the side.

Current projects:

    • Writing cryptocurrency trading bots in JavaScript and Python
    • Starting a business supplying Finance Coaching to individuals looking to build wealth
      • Achieve Finance Coaching
      • Finance coaching focuses on empowering individuals to make their own informed finance choices, rather than take that power away or ask them to rely on an “authority.” I believe it is more authentic, client-focused,
        and more likely to build true wealth than other financial services.
    • Writing a book
      • More on this as it progresses.
    • Preparing for LoToJa, and crossing my fingers I’ll get in
      • This is a one-day, 200 mile bike race from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY.
      • It sounds incredibly stupid and difficult, learn more at the LoToJa website