When I pray, pray more fervently

A few weeks ago I challenged my Sunday school class (16-17 year olds) to pray five minute per day for five weeks straight. Had I been more inspired at the time I should have promised them blessings. I only promised them dinner at our home. 

Dutiful teacher that I am, I followed my own advice during the same period of time. I have been richly blessed. 

My faith in God has increased. I am more willing to believe in Him and accept His will is more informed than my own. 

My desire to study His word has increased. I want to commit scriptures to memory to have verses, stories, and entire chapters to draw on when necessary. I want to learn more of the contexts of famous (and less famous) stories, so I can drawn additional conclusions from them to bless my life and others’. 

The power of my prayers has increased. With increased faith I am more willing to give thanks. I am more willing to ask for miracles in my life and be patient until hey are accomplished. When praying in public, I sound like I have a relationship with God. (I swear the goal is not to toot my own horn.)

My wife notices a change in me, and encourages it. Last night we were talking about results of doing this, and she said she’s never been more in love with me. 

This action can alter the course of your life. In a world where clickbait and crap fills your feed, this actually can change you–because you deliberately choose to be changed. 

I’m going to continue. Yes, it may seem weird to start a stopwatch (always count up) every time I kneel for my evening pray. But it keeps me honest and ensures I’m on my knees, praying for at least five minutes. 

Join me. And if you do, let me know your struggles and how your life changes.