(Originally dated December 2009)

I honestly can’t believe I’m blogging about this. Actually, I can’t believe I watched Twilight.

I have mixed feelings about it. Yes. It was as bad an awkward as everyone said. The music was cheesy, and the acting seemed poor as well.
But it other ways, I was very impressed. As bad as Rob Pattinson’s performance was (I was reminded of Hayden Christensen’s Star Wars performances) both he and Kristin Stewart played the awkward high schoolers perfectly. The script could either be labeled as horrible, or as perfectly representative of high school relationships. Add to that the strangeness of an emotionally troubled girl thinking she is in love with an equally emotionally troubled vampire. (Although you’d think that he’d be a little more in control after “living” for 100+ years.)
The strange camera angles can be seen as reflecting Bella’s troubled mind as well as Edward’s mental instability in regard to Bella (actually it was horribly accurate to how I felt around one particular woman).

(I had more to say at the time, but I found this in my draft box and decided to publish this.)

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