Education vs. Schooling

You know, it’s funny, but I’m in an Honours Writing class and today the teacher talked about how trying to get a C in a class would change our university experience. She talked about how it would give us new insights to life and learning, among other things.

While I haven’t been trying to earn a C in any of my classes (my presence in an Honours Writing class should give good indication to that), I have realised that, in some small way, I have been following some of the principles my instructor discussed.
As a resident assistant, my life has become one of service to my floor and building. I’ve given a lot of time to others to help them with papers and other assignments, putting my faith in God to bless me in m studies. And I’ve seen Him come through. As I’ve trusted that my service would help someone else, I’ve seen my own studies greatly blessed (and I’ve felt very rested on little sleep). In fact, I’m doing better this semester than my previous two–and I feel like I’m studying less.
It’s pretty weird, but I have learned a lot as I’ve put my education (about life and all other subjects) in front of my schooling. I’ve learned more overall.
So to all you uptight Honours students, don’t favour your schooling above your education. Put others first, and trust that the Lord will bless you. I’ve seen it.

About the author: Lee J

Lee J Hinkle spends his days writing video game code. It was never a job he expected to have. Check out Rogue Invader online. Any search will send you to the right spot. Unless the language is foreign. Then maybe 50% will be right.

He tries to be a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and hopes his Father recognizes his efforts.