Jesus and Marriage

So I ought to blog a little in the midst of my mass of posted videos. I thought it rather appropriate to ponder on Jesus’ teachings on marriage. For some reason He might have a little authority on the topic…

Perhaps why I use this example is because I have heard from more than one proponent of gay marriage that “Jesus would favour it. He told us to love everyone.” I had never imagined people were so shallow.
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches us to love everyone. True. I will even agree with my friends who say Jesus was a radical of His day. Again, true. But what was His motivation for radical thought? Where did His teachings come from? Unlike the radicals of today whose teachings are founded in ever-changing philosophical ideas, Christ’s teachings came straight from God, the Maker of the Universe.
Jesus taught people to live with a greater devotion to God. He taught them to love the scriptures and the word of God. Do the radicals of today teach this? Or do they put themselves in place to interpret scriptures? (And doing so ignore all scriptures that teach doctrine contrary to theirs.)
Also in the Sermon n the Mount, Jesus teaches a higher law of chastity than the Jews lived at the time: He taught that whoever looked at a woman to lust after her was as guilty as the adulterer or the fornicator! So he taught lust and acting immorally was wrong.
Where does that fit in with homosexual marriage? It basically shoots every case for it out of the water. While I do not deny people feel they are born gay, they have control over their desires. Christ does not limit who is commanded to be chaste. It is applicable for everyone. Period. End.
And while homosexuals are to be treated with love and mercy, their sinful choice to engage in immoral acts cannot be allowed to infect our society. We’ve already had enough of that as people have chosen not to accept the consequences of their actions by using abortion and divorce as increasingly popular ways to shrug consequences off. Why would we allow the degradation of society to continue?

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