Lee J

Lee J passing


Many people suggest specializing in something in order to make your way in the world. I didn't listen. Not for lack of trying, but for lack of interest. There is too much to be enjoyed to spend it all on one thing.

In less than three full decades, I

  • started two businesses in completely different spaces
  • worked for Carl McGown and BYU Volleyball as a biomechanical analyst
  • created and edited reports for Brigham Young University executives
  • self-published a video game with a friend
  • taught high school computer science and entrepreneurship in Salt Lake City

My current personal goal is to learn to balance all aspects of my life.

There are many aspects of my journey which scare me. (See my blog for that.) But it's worth living, worth growing, and worth taking time to improve myself.

Parting words? Don't settle for unhappiness.


Rogue Invader

A 1-bit colored video game built by Lee J and Nathan Rees for PC / Mac / Linux. Available November 2015.

SHIELD Volleyball

Started in 2012, SHIELD Volleyball Club provides high school-aged players with training in volleyball and character building.